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Need to have more doctors, hospital beds to achieve healthcare vision 2047: FICCI-EY Report

May 15,2024

New Delhi, There is a need to increase the number of qualified doctors to more than 50 lakh and also add 30 lakh more hospital beds in the country in order to achieve India’s healthcare vision 2047, according to a report. The increase in the number of doctors and beds in hospitals would help India get closer to the average of developed countries, as per a FICCI-EY Report titled ‘Decoding India’s Healthcare Landscape’.

India has witnessed a significant increase in the number of medical colleges and MBBS seats, addressing the growing demand for healthcare professionals, it said.

The number of registered allopathic doctors witnessed substantial growth, rising from 6,60,801 in 2005 to 13,08,009 such doctors in 2022, the report said.

Similarly, the bed capacity in government hospitals across India has consistently grown from 4.7 lakh beds in 2005 to 8.5 lakh beds in 2021.

The report also highlighted the importance of having 100 per cent health insurance coverage for the country’s population.

It also cited the need to establish one medical college in every district of India.

As per the latest report by FICCI, the total market size of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach USD 130 billion by 2030.

India currently ranks third globally in pharmaceutical production by volume, known for its generic medicines and low-cost vaccines.

The country is a major supplier of essential vaccines, catering to a significant portion of global demand.

Source: Healthworld

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