Consumers Need to be Respected, says Suraj Shah

PROTECTOR OF THE REALM OF CONSUMER Consumers Need to be Respected, says Suraj Shah Mr. Suraj Shah, is a senior citizen and a consumer just like you and I. He recently informed Consumer Online Foundation about an extremely disappointing and harrowing experience that he had while dealing with COVID testing & vaccine service providers. The Editor of Speak Up interviewed Mr. Suraj Shah on the matter to amplify his voice. Consumer Profile: Mr. Suraj, who as an independent consultant has varied interactions and experiences with government, private and non-government organizations / companies. This gives him insights into their functional and operational processes. His keen, personal interest to continuously explore and understand how they work, enables him to identify the negative and positive issues that an end consumer faces. As a fully aware individual, his ultimate aim is to use his observations, experiences and knowledge to make all citizens aware and stand up for their rights. On asking Mr. Suraj about his reported experiences, he stated that it is extremely worrying how big corporations neglect legal provisions in broad daylight and remain unscathed. He said that he felt concerned and uncomfortable while multiple times he tried to reach out to the acclaimed testing facilities and received no answers from them despite constant reassurances. He felt that the service providers were reluctant to disclose the answers to his queries and perhaps were hiding something from him. More so because his questions are till date, unanswered. Mr. Suraj further opined that his experience was an eye opener for him and that he did not feel harassed, but totally disillusioned. The illusion being that the service providers had all the answers related to the service they still continue to provide throughout the country. When asked what was more important for him as a consumer in building his relationship with a brand, trust or scientific evidence; he said both were two sides of the same coin. He explained how either of those can never work in isolation. Mr. Suraj also stated that the callous, lackadaisical and unprofessional attitude of the company executives and service providers is the single largest cause of mistrust between a brand and a consumer. He emphasized that consumers need to be respected by companies, big or small. That treating consumers with respect should be the first and foremost priority of every enterprise in the country. Message from Mr. Suraj Shah for all consumers reading this – Be Aware! Know your rights before it’s too late because things are changing really fast. WE SALUTE MR. SURAJ SHAH FOR SPEAKING UP!

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