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Hamara Ayush

Hamara Ayush is a one-stop portal for consumers to access information on Traditional Healthcare. Our mission is to promote Ayush or traditional systems of healthcare facilities in India and beyond.

We are here to facilitate the due exchange of credible information provided to us by the Government of India, the state governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) to empower you to make an informed choice. The scientific information is made accessible in a manner that consumers can easily understand without compromising on the safety, quality and efficacy of the products and services related to such traditional practices and other healthcare related activities.

We are working in collaboration with varied like-minded bodies that are committed to making Ayush a global brand in the interest of citizens staying healthy, seeking medical treatment and accessing quality healthcare. We are backed by the International Alliance for Patients’ Organisations (IAPO), which has official relationship with the World Health Organisation.



  • To promote the traditional, complementary, alternative and integrative system of medicines amongst the global citizenry.
  • To re-establish the lost faith in the traditional system of medicines.
  • To provide additional options to every individual in the public healthcare system that best suits them and their family.
  • To empower patients to make informed choices based on reliable and credible information.
  • To encourage qualified and certified traditional healers to practice and promote traditional, complementary, alternative and integrative system of healthcare in the manner approved and recognised by regulators and governments.
  • To educate citizens and spread awareness regarding the various branches of traditional system of medicines as an effective and affordable healthcare solution.
  • To reach out to the remotest corners of the world via technology for the most important requirement in contemporary times, that is, healthy living.
  • To build trust amongst patients, irrespective of their region and language, based on robust communication and redressal.
  • To provide insurance coverage for Ayush treatment under all Mediclaim policies.