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Landmark Declaration Between IMA and PSAIIF on Advancing Health Insurance, Data Protection and Universal Healthcare in India

A momentous two-day meeting on ‘Bridging the Gaps – Enhancing Collaboration between Doctors and Patients in India’ took place between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Patient Safety & Access Initiative of India Foundation (PSAIIF) in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 29-30June, 2024. 21 representatives each of IMA and PSAIIF deliberated in a series of 3 sessions on critical aspects of healthcare in India: Universal Healthcare, Confidentiality & Data Protection, and Developing a Health Insurance India Centric Model.

The Key Objectives Were:

  • To Enhance Patient Privacy: To develop strategies for safeguarding patient information in the digital age.
  • To Promote Universal Healthcare: To create actionable plans for extending healthcare access to all citizens, irrespective of socio-economic status.
  • To Develop Health Insurance: To create a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable health insurance India Centric Model that ensures every citizen has access to affordable and quality healthcare services.
  • To Strengthen Collaboration: To build a robust partnership between IMA and PSAIIF for ongoing health initiatives.

Some of the prominent attendees included Dr R V Asokan (National President IMA), Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, IAS Retd. (Chairman PSAIIF), Prof Bejon Kumar Misra (Founder PSAIIF), Mr Prafull D Sheth (Vice Chairman PSAIIF), Prof. Dr. Srinivasa S. (President IMA Karnakata State Branch), Dr. Karunakara B. P. (Hon State Secretary IMA Karnataka State Branch), Dr. A. V. Jayakrishnan, (Joint Secy IMA HQs.), Dr. Yogananda Reddy, (IMA Karnataka State Branch), Dr. Rajiv Vasudevan (Board Member PSAIIF), Mr VK Somasekhar, (Grahak Shakti Bangalore) and Dr Bharatesh Jagashetty (Former Drug Controller Karnataka State as a Patient Representative).

The meeting culminated in the signing of a comprehensive declaration, committing both organisations to a shared vision, concrete actions and unified approach in tackling these pivotal healthcare issues.


The signed declaration marks a significant milestone in the efforts to transform healthcare in India. It is a testament to a shared vision and commitment to creating a healthcare system that is inclusive, secure and accessible to all. Moving forward, the IMA and PSAIIF will continue to work together, implementing the agreed-upon actions and striving to achieve the ambitious goals for the benefit of all Indian citizens.

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