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Mr. Pyush Misra

Director: Hamara Consumer Dost Private Limited, Patient Safety & Access Initiative of India Foundation

Trustee: Consumer Online Foundation & Healthy You Foundation

Objective:  Obtaining a challenging position in the financial investment sector and the social Sector utilizing professional experience in analytical research, marketing and technology.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advising and Professional Consultancy services to individuals and business entities, on financial investments and planning. Conduct client specific in-depth studies on formulating investment strategies, to enable clients to reach their financial goals.
  • Providing technical support to all the activities engaged as the Director and Trustee of the For-Profit and Not-For-Profit organisations based in Delhi to ensure compliance as per the existing provisions of the laws governing all such organisations as a Board Member and Trustee.

Career Summary

  • Advisor & Consultant on Investments and Financial Products
  • Institutional building in the social sector towards development in the healthcare and consumer awareness domain
  • Proven experience of Derivatives and Money Markets as well as Automobiles S&M
  • Seven+ years’ experience of Credit Derivatives in the financial institution sector
  • Strong analytical, strategic and management skills
  • Existing client base and senior relationships in the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent region