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The Aware Consumer State Awards


India has undergone a paradigm shift where the role of the government – as the largest service provider to the citizens – has increased. With growing acceptance of co-operative federalism and increasing responsibilities of state governments, the role of the state government as a service provider has amplified. This has generated the need to acknowledge the consumer rights of the citizens of India vis-à-vis the government.

The Aware Consumer recognises this shift and has been working towards strengthening the public services along with other consumer organisations. In an effort to consolidate the efforts of voluntary consumer organisations and present them intellectually before the policymakers, The Aware Consumer has been hosting the States’ Awards since 2016.

‘The Aware Consumer State Awards’ is the first initiative in India – led by a non-government organisation – to bring together comparable data on various parameters of governance and to assess the consumer-friendliness of various systems and procedures of the state government machinery and evaluate their efficiency. This initiative recognises the efforts of state governments towards being consumer-friendly. It is aimed towards appreciating the best practices of the state governments and fostering a healthy competitive environment for all.