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What are the key issues to consider when sharing personal data and Which key regulatory requirements apply when it comes to sharing data?

The key issues in sharing personal data are primarily, but not limited to: the transparency and control of data exchange; security and privacy; and information, trust, responsibility and accountability. Such considerations can change during data sharing, particularly data protection and privacy, as this is an important concern.

The MoHFW created the draft for the Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act (DISHA) with the aim of securing the healthcare sector data in India, giving people complete ownership of their health data. For example, if you are visiting a doctor for a check-up and the doctor places your results into an electronic health record (EHR) that information is completely protected by DISHA as it is placed within the healthcare system. DISHA proposes three main objectives such as: setting up a digital health authority at national and state levels; enforcing privacy and security measures for electronic health data; and regulating the storage and exchange of electronic health records. Additionally, the draft also provides details on the establishment of National and State Electronic Health Authorities (NeHA and SeHA). In effect, it would provide extensive data protection to Indian subjects, as well as govern the data portability.