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Retail India News: Tata Consumer Products Introduces Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils

ata Consumer Products (TCP), a leading name in the retail industry, uniting the diverse food and beverage interests of the Tata Group, has officially stepped into the flourishing premium segment of Cold Pressed Oils. Under its renowned brand ‘Tata Simply Better,’ the company is unveiling an array of 100 percent pure and unrefined cold-pressed oils.

The surge in popularity of cold-pressed oils is attributed to their myriad health advantages and distinct flavor profiles. Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils are meticulously extracted using cutting-edge Cold Pressed technology, a process that harks back to traditional oil extraction methods. This ensures the retention of vital nutrients, an aromatic richness, and an authentic flavor profile. The resultant edible oils are ideal for everyday culinary endeavors.

Deepika Bhan, President of Packaged Foods- India at Tata Consumer Products, expressed, “We are excited to introduce Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils, a stride towards revolutionizing how consumers approach their cooking routines. Venturing into this category, we aim to redefine norms and positively influence consumers’ choices for their well-being. Recognizing the escalating demand for nourishing alternatives, we aspire to offer an exceptional range of edible oils that not only contribute to overall health but also elevate the taste of daily meals. Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils epitomize our commitment to quality and purity, making them an indispensable addition to every household. This strategic launch not only bolsters Tata Consumer Products’ stature as a prominent F&B enterprise but also enriches our portfolio by presenting consumers with reliable, nourishing options they can embrace.”

Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils derive from A1 Grade Ingredients, meticulously selected to guarantee premium quality and consistency.

Tata Simply Better had previously ventured into the realm of plant-based offerings with the introduction of its plant-based protein products. This initiative underscores Tata Consumer Products’ dedication to providing top-tier products aligned with evolving consumer preferences. The launch of Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils signifies yet another milestone for the company, reinforcing its commitment to delivering “For Better” products that cater to the dynamic requirements of consumers.

The Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Oils, crafted from 100 percent pure and unrefined components, are conveniently accessible for purchase through major online marketplaces and the official Tata Simply Better website. These oils are priced competitively, with a range spanning from Rs 325 to Rs 699, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of consumers.

Aug 8, 2023

Source : IndianRetailer.com