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Piyush Goyal asks industry to buy Indian components in finished goods

New Delhi: Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal Thursday asked industry to support each other in buying components made in India in their finished products. He also said that quality control orders (QCO) are not meant to stop imports but ensure whatever comes into the country- domestically produced or from abroad- are both good and high quality, and meet the basic standards of safety and basic needs of consumers.

Insisting that quality is non-negotiable, he said: “Some of the products coming from these countries. You are also importing substandard products which go into your goods and cause huge risk to safety of life and property, safety of the consumers.

Goyal was speaking at an event organised by the CEAMA.

“Don’t compromise on quality ever. Support the Indian ecosystem,” he said.

He said that there are times when a product is available in India but some companies including some multinationals prefer to import the same compinentt even though it’s available in India.

“If at all there’s a quality issue, support the Indian company to make that high quality product. Support each other. I don’t see why you shouldn’t also be supporting somebody else who manufactures a product in India which you can buy, procure and use in your finished product thereby creating new job opportunities and expanding the ecosystem,” Goyal said.

He said that the utensils industy didn’t want QCOs. “I see no reason why we should have suboptimal quality utensils in our homes…it’s been there for three years but when it comes to implementation, these delegations come and shoot from others’ shoulders,” Goyal said.

Dec 07,2023

Source: Economic Times