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Objective and Structure Of ODR System For Digital Payments

The goal of the system is to provide a “transparent, rule-based, system-driven, user-driven, unbiased mechanism for resolving customer disputes and grievances, with zero or minimal manual intervention.”

In other words, the main objective of this system is to enable a dispute resolution system that is not only transparent and unbiased but also provides redressal for consumer grievance with minimal or zero human intervention.

Under this system, a consumer will be provided multiple channels to file the dispute which may be web based or paper based complaint form, IVR, mobile application, SMS or directly in the branch offices. Further, the consumer will be required to give minimum important details relating to the dispute. After receiving the details, the complaint will be lodged subsequent to which the consumers will be allotted a unique reference number under ODR system so that they can track the status of dispute. The said dispute shall be resolved within one month; however, if the dispute is not resolved then the consumers can approach the respective banking ombudsman.

Further, the notification states that the banks, PSO’s, & PSP’s should provide access to the consumer to file their grievances through ODR system. This also extends to mobile payment systems, United Payment Interface (UPI) and third party app providers wherin they are required to provide an option in their app itself to file the complaint through ODR system.