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India: Branding In The Times Of COVID-19 And What Lies Ahead!

With the world facing trying times due to the coronavirus outbreak and several countries coming to a stand-still. It is apparent for most brands to avoid a hit on their business due to the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic situation. Brands in the aviation, hospitality, travel, oil and gas, restaurants, and the retail sectors appear to have been impacted the most. However, there are a few names in some industries that have witnessed a substantial surge or at least consistency, in the demand and supply of their offerings since the beginning of the pandemic, besides the obvious ones like the food and the healthcare sectors.

This following article deliberates how a few enterprises in some of these sectors have realized growth in their business even during the pandemic and the resulting lock-down, how these enterprises, along with the behavioural changes of consumers, are going to transform the industry and how taking suitable branding and promotional measures now to create brand value and trust in the minds of consumers would help enterprises regain their growth in the post COVID-19 era.