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Feeling wronged as a consumer? Know the process and timeline of filing a complaint in a consumer court

May 04,2024

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 safeguards consumers’ rights and covers all goods and services of all public, private, or cooperative sectors, except those exempted by the central government. This Act provides consumers with a platform for grievance redressal and compensation.

As per the Act, individuals who feel wronged after purchasing goods or services can seek help from consumer commissions to resolve their issues. “Any person who has purchased goods or availed any services for its personal use could file a case in the consumer forum if the goods so purchased are defective, or the services suffer from any deficiency or shortcoming,” says Abhay Pratap Singh, Partner, GnS Legal, a law firm.

“Consumer should not tolerate the inconvenience or wrong done to them and file appropriate complaints to ensure the same is not repeated by the unscrupulous traders to them and others in the society,” says Vijay Kumar Makyam, a distinguished lawyer who is currently serving as a member of District Consumer Redressal Commission, Medak at Sangareddy.

“A prescribed fee is required to be paid depending on the consideration paid by the consumer. Moreover, ensure that the complaint is filed within two years from the date the cause of action arose. Additionally, don’t forget to serve a personal or legal notice to the opposite party before filing the case,” says Subramanium.

Another application needs to be filed if the consumer commission’s order is not complied with. “If the final order is not complied with in time, file an application seeking execution,” says Subramanium.

“Most times consumers neglect to file a complaint as they are occupied with their regular work and do not take time to fight the menace against corporate giants; however, the Government has built a consumer-friendly environment and they have called these dispute settlement platforms/Commissions instead of Calling them as Courts (to ensure the Consumer are not deterred with lengthy procedures of regular Courts); At these commissions, summary proceedings will be taking place for expedited justice,” says Makyam.

Source: Economic Times

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