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Bournvita row: Cadbury reduces added sugar by around 15 percent from its popular health drink after backlash

Bournvita, a popular chocolate malt drink mix manufactured by Cadbury, has now reduced the quantity of added sugar by 14.4 percent. Earlier, the popular health drink consisted of 37.4gm sugar per 100gm. Now, the new packaging reveals that it has 32.2 gm of added sugar.

In April this year, Revant Himatsingka aka Food Pharmer, a Health Influencer with more than 1.5 million followers across social media, uploaded a video on Bournvita on Instagram highlighting its high sugar content. Soon, the video went viral getting over 12 million views.

Himatsingka told Financial Express.com that Bournvita still has 32g of added sugar per 100g (so approximately 1/3rd of Bournvita is sugar) so he still does not recommend it as a “health drink”.

“Bournvita has taken a crucial step so it is a positive step in the right direction. These things take time…and the bigger thing is I made a video and this happened. What if everyone starts doing this? There will be so much more change,” he told Financial Express.com.

The Health influencer also maintained that this will also set an example for other brands and companies. “A few months ago Maggi Ketchup had made a change by reducing the quantity of their added sugar by 22 percent…I got a lot of criticism from people around me for making the video on Bournvita. They used to say a video won’t do anything. But that video led to this…this is big. This is going to be a chain reaction. One company has done it and others will also do this,” Himatsingka said.

Dec 22,2023

Source: Financialexpress