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Role of AI, Robotics will increase in diagnostics and treatment: President Murmu at AIIMS Rishikesh

Apr 24,2024

New Delhi: President Droupadi Murmu on Tuesday said the role of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will continue to increase in diagnostics and treatment. Addressing the 4th convocation of AIIMS Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, Murmu hoped that these changes will be increasingly put to efficient use by AIIMS Rishikesh.

The President said, “In Uttarakhand, due to lack of sunlight and local food habits, people, especially women, are affected by diseases like osteoporosis and anaemia.”

The President said that using the latest technology in the interest of society should be the priority of institutions like AIIMS Rishikesh. She expressed happiness over AIIMS Rishikesh striving to move forward in the field of CAR T-cell therapy and Stem Cell Research.

Murmu further said that providing world-class education and service in the field of medicine is a great national achievement of all AIIMS, including AIIMS Rishikesh. “All the AIIMS are recognised for providing the best and most affordable treatment. Many AIIMS are being established in different parts of the country with the objective that more and more people can benefit and more meritorious students can get an education in AIIMS,” she said.

She stated that even in this era of global medicine, researching and solving national, regional and local problems related to medicine should be the priority of institutions like AIIMS Rishikesh. She urged AIIMS Rishikesh to pay maximum attention to public health and community engagement. She said that by doing this, the institute will be able to contribute towards building a ‘Healthy India’ and a ‘Developed India’.

Noting that more than 60 per cent of students at AIIMS Rishikesh are female students, the President said that the increasing participation of women in areas ranging from policy making to tertiary healthcare presents a picture of a huge and positive social change.

Source: Healthworld

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