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Prez Murmu urges doctors to pay attention towards prompt, sensitive, inexpensive healthcare

May 11,2024

New Delhi: President Droupadi Murmu on Friday urged doctors to pay attention towards prompt, sensitive and inexpensive healthcare, saying they can make an invaluable contribution to the society by giving their time free of cost to poor patients. Addressing the 22nd convocation of the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) here, she also said doctors should be sensitive towards emergency patients and never ask an emergency patient to go somewhere else for treatment.

She stressed that in the healthcare sector, time is very important because treatment delayed may be life denied.

Murmu said sometimes we hear that had timely treatment been given, the life of a person could have been saved.

Even if a life is saved, in many situations, treatment delayed is health denied, she added.

Such examples are often seen in paralysis patients. Due to lack of timely treatment, patients lose the ability to move their limbs and become dependent on others, she said.

Murmu appreciated the past and present members of NBEMS for their contribution to medical education over the past nearly four decades.

She noted that the efforts of NBEMS have significantly increased the availability of specialist doctors in the country.

The president urged doctors to pay attention towards prompt healthcare, sensitive healthcare and inexpensive healthcare.

She said they can make an invaluable contribution to the country and society by giving their time free of cost to poor patients.

She told the students that if they have chosen medical as a profession, then they definitely have the desire to serve humanity. She called upon them to protect, enhance and spread the spirit of service.

Murmu said that in view of the vast population of our country, there is a need to continuously increase the availability of doctors.

She said it should be the endeavour of all to give priority to quality along with quantity.

The president said Indian doctors have made their mark globally and due to affordable medicare, India has become a major centre of medical tourism.

She described doctors as the most important part of the country’s healthcare system.

Complimenting the female doctors at the convocation for outshining their male counterparts, Murmu said their achievement in higher medical education is a great achievement of our society and country.

She said that in the context of most of the families, it can be said that girls are made to feel the limitations and restrictions.

Even in society and public places, girls have to be extra conscious about their safety and society’s acceptance. In such an environment our daughters are presenting a new picture of the new India by proving their excellence, she said.

Source: Healthworld

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