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ENTOD develops human insulin eye drops to treat corneal conditions

Mar 19,2024

New Delhi: ENTOD Pharmaceuticals on Tuesday announced the developement of human insulin eye drops designed to treat corneal eye conditions like neurotrophic corneal ulcers and dry eyes.

Although Insulin has traditionally been administered through injections to manage blood sugar levels in diabetic patients globally, recent research from various global studies and literature searches has demonstrated its potential effectiveness when applied as eye drops. These findings suggest that insulin eye drops can aid in repairing corneal tissue and addressing ocular surface conditions.

The company’s next step involves initiating the drug regulatory approval process in India. This will begin with an application to the CDSCO for approval to conduct clinical trials of these eye drops. Subsequently, the company will seek approval from the DCGI for commercialization.

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals’ CEO, Nikkhil K Masurkar , said, “There is compelling and growing global evidence suggesting that insulin eye drops could revolutionize ophthalmic therapeutics. Our eye drop formulation, EyeSulin, would be the first of its kind in the world to treat eye conditions once approved. Upon regulatory clearance, we aim to produce these eye drops as part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, making them accessible across India and globally at an affordable price. As far as our knowledge extends, no commercially viable insulin eye drops exist worldwide or are in development. Therefore, we are thrilled to lead the charge ahead of the US and other Western nations in pioneering this potentially groundbreaking eye medicine, poised to benefit millions.”

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