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Brazil declares country foot-and-mouth disease-free without vaccination

May 03,2024

Sao Paulo: Brazil declared itself on Thursday as free of foot and mouth disease without vaccination, and will request World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) to recognise that status as it seeks to open more markets for its meat exports.

Foot-and-mouth disease causes fever and mouth blisters in animals with foot ruptures, such as cattle, swine, sheep, goats and other cloven-hoofed ruminants.

Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry said in a statement it will ask for WOAH recognition next August, adding the request could be approved in May, 2025.

Agriculture minister Carlos Favaro said in a live streaming video the self-declaration is “an important step towards a global recognition”.

Brazil is the world’s largest beef exporter, with China and the United States as its main buyers.

However, the lack of a status for foot and mouth disease free without vaccination in some states prevents Brazil from selling its beef to nations like Japan and South Korea, a scenario Favaro said he wants to change.

Source: Healthworld

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