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As weather swings from sweltering heat to rainy days, experts warn of health risks

May 13,2024

Nagpur: Vidarbha has been experiencing a dramatic shift in weather conditions. On certain days it experiences a searing heat wave with temperatures as high as 42 degrees Celsius. On other days, there is heavy rain and cloud cover, which lowers the minimum temperature to 30 degrees Celsius or even less. While a break from the heat is welcomed, citizens are at risk of health hazards due to this abrupt and frequent change in weather.

TOI spoke to doctors who explained how this rapid shift in temperature can strain the cardiovascular system, lungs, immune system and who needs to take extra care.

“Present weather conditions have led to a spike in autoimmune health conditions like Asthma, COPD, Arthritis which further leads to increase in respiratory infections,” said pulmonologist Dr Akash Balki.

“People with Asthma or allergies should be particularly cautious. The humidity change and potential dust and pollen increase can trigger attacks. It’s advisable for patients to keep their inhalers readily available and consult a doctor if they experience difficulty in breathing,” he added.

Cardiologist Dr Amar Amale said the condition of patients with pre-existing heart conditions may deteriorate and they may land in ICU due to prevailing weather patterns. “There has been a rapid rise in patients with cough and breathing difficulties even at OPDs,” he said.

“We recommend vaccinations to avoid respiratory infections. Influenza vaccines once a year and pneumococcal vaccine once in 5 years for all ages and high risk patients is advisable,” he added.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Nitin Shinde shared a similar view. “Drastic weather shifts can weaken the immune system, making a person more susceptible to common illnesses like cold and flu. Vaccine works well, especially for vulnerable populations like elderly and adults living with pre-existing health conditions,” he said.

Dr Shinde also suggested common preventive measures to avoid infections. “Maintaining good hygiene, washing hands frequently, and getting adequate sleep are essential to boost the body’s defense mechanism,” he said.

Dr Anita Patil, who is a general physician, emphasized on the importance of precautions. “Staying hydrated is crucial during these transitions. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Additionally, avoid strenuous activity during peak heat hours and wear loose, cotton clothing to allow your body to regulate its temperature,” she said.

Physical trainer Allan Morde, however, emphasized on the importance of maintaining physical activity. “You may feel like skipping your workout due to rains and cloudy weather, but avoid lethargy. Follow your exercise schedule irrespective of weather conditions and stay healthy,” he said.

Clinical dietician Priti Patel warned against neglecting diet during fluctuating weather. “People disturb their diet charts and stop following schedule attributing it to changed weather,” she said adding that doing so may disturb the health cycle.

Source: Healthworld

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