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Patient Safety and Access Initiative of India Foundation

The Patient Safety and Access Initiative of India Foundation (PSAIIF) is a coalition of consumer organisations, patients, physicians, pharmacists, universities, industry and other professional organisations committed to upholding patient rights and ensuring patient safety in the country.

Our mission is to promote quality healthcare by promoting a secure healthcare environment that will improve healthcare outcomes. We want to work with healthcare providers to reduce the risks and hazards associated with patient care. We are expressly concerned about the safety of prescription drugs and are persevering to protect consumers against unapproved, spurious, counterfeit, substandard, falsified, mishandled or otherwise unsafe medicines.

PSAIIF is also persevering to increase awareness about the need and benefits of insurance. We are constantly encouraging consumers to opt for health insurance coverage while pushing the authorities to bring in changes in the interests of patients.


  • To involve all stakeholders in ensuring patient rights, safety, dignity and protection.
  • To prevent errors and build a patient safety culture.
  • To integrate activities against spurious, counterfeit, falsified, substandard and unsafe medicines.
  • To learn from modern technology available around the world to empower and enable consumers to detect and access safe medicines.
  • To ensure consumer health and safety prevails over profit.
  • To promote health insurance penetration and density in the country.
  • To focus on providing benefits to the poor and vulnerable patients.